luni, 19 august 2013

How to chose your domain name !

Hey guys, 

I got some bad luck today. I wanted to buy my domain name for the website and just noticed that the name I was thinking for some time, was taken this week. I am very frustrated now, because I didn't bought this until now. Anyway, I don't have to change to much for the project, the only thing is that I need to find another name, and it is a little hard. So, I started to read about how to chose a domain name correctly. I am listing below some important stuff you need to know before you buy your domain name.

1. There are two types : Generic names, or Brand name Domains.
You have to be very careful, and think about the future of your website. You're best choice would be a Generic name, if you would want to build a news, blog, forum, because you are not giving something specific, but more things that have to do with the name ( I guess ), but if you want to sell something, a product, you're best choice would be a Brand name. It's something like this, if you sell phones, you can't put because there are a lot of competitors. My advice is to chose a more specific name, like ( you know what i'm trying to say ). This is the first step into choosing a good domain name.

2. Try to make the domain name unique. Many websites fail just because they got similar names. Think that 20% of your possible unique visitors will come back by direct typing the website, and they miss a letter or something and end up into the competitors website. You really don't want that. So try to pick up a good domain name, unique and special, but keep in mind also your public.

3. If you want type-in traffic, you MUST buy a dot com domain. Here is why, because the public who enters your website by typing it, are very prone to put a dot com at the end. However, if you chose another type of domain, you will have to be very careful to promote your website as or

4. Try to get short names. They are easy to remember, type and they are a lot better in promoting, posting them, making a logo for your buisness and they also allow you to put more characters into the url.

This are a few tips you have to think before you spend money on a domain. This are basic stuff, but with great power when you want to make something great.

Become something, start doing it now !

sâmbătă, 17 august 2013

5 Tips to improve traffic

Hey guys,

I've been reading a lot of articles about how to get more traffic redirected to your web site. I must say I found a lot of great and productive ideas. I'm going to give you some tips that I've got from different articles and consider them good to know:

1. Start building a Facebook Page. By building a facebook page for your website, company, project etc, you can get a lot of likes, if you can master and promote it corectly. Just remember that if someone likes your page ( I'm 100% positive that you all, give likes to some pages ) they will recieve all the posts you make from that page. Now let's see: you have 1000 likes on your page, you make a post with a link to your website, maybe not all the 1000 people who liked your page will see the post, but at least 200 will. From that 200 number, 100 maybe will be interested in reading more about it ( if you keep in mind, that you must offer good and interesting content ), and will come to your website to read more. That's just the start, because you have good content on your website ( hopefully ) and they will read more, and maybe they will come back to read another time your great articles.

2. Start a Twitter acount. It's incredible how a twitter acount can become something that could bring you insane traffic to your website. People are strange, they want a lot of followers, so this is a cascade,  you follow them, they follow you back, or they follow you, so you can follow them back. It's a good source of traffic, because if you gather a lot of followers, they will come to your website in the same way as the Facebook Page traffic is obtained. The tweets are nice, because they are short, and you can promote the interesing part in the article, making it wanted to be read.

3. Start a Squidoo acount. I just found out this realy nice stuff. Squidoo is a website, that curentlly gets 9.000.000 unique views every day. If you make an acount, you are able to make "lenses", that are topics, where you can write your story. It's great, because we all have something interesting to share with the world. You just have to find a way to get "popular" on Squidoo. Write something you experienced, write about it with your heart and begin to be loved by people, and start redirecting your readers to the website.

4. Register to a big forum. Just think about it, you register to a very big forum, and you just write in all the posts oppinions and maybe advices if you can offer them. You can put your website to your "signature", and at the bottom of your every post, the website url will show up. People who read your good post, or good advice will probably check out your website too.

5. Build links between you and other blogs, other websites, forums or anything. Remember that this is the best traffic gain solution there is out there. If you have good content, you can ask people to write about it, and you write about their work. This is the best thing to do right now. Make exchange of links with someone if you feel you can do this. Remember that you can do all this stuff, just by being nice and being able to make a good conversation.

Remember, do not spam, do not make stupid posts, with your url link in them or something, in order to keep this tips working, you must be a serious person. People must see you as a good and succesful guy, you must make them interested in you and your work.

Become something, start doing it now !

vineri, 16 august 2013

What type of website should you chose ?

Hey guys, 

In this post we will talk about what type of website will work. The content on it, and all the stuff that attract people on it. First let's talk about my project a little bit: I am making a website about the pharmaceutical and medical industry. The content is from drug prescriptions (A to Z) to daily news and advice about living a healthy life. I'm sure I can write a very interesting content and lots of people are interested in.

The first step is to target the people you want to focus on your website, and this is very important because you need to have "public" so the traffic can be big. Here are some nice ideas for websites:

-A website where you can find everything. Actually, here you will find daily posts about everything. It's an easy to do idea, but you need to be perseverent, and post relevant and good content. This should do it.
-A website that contains SEO content, and all about the traffic gain online. This content will always be great, because all people want to get more traffic, everyday. If you are making this, you have to think if you are able to promote it yourself, good enough, because there are a lot of other websites like this.
-Create a good blog, with great content. This is the basic, if you create a blog, and keep a good and clean content on it, in time, it can become very big. Write about stuff with your hands, try not to copy the content, because people are not interested in that king of articles, they are able to see if you wrote your article or not, and write no more then 2 post a day, but that 2 post, make them very good. It's better to write 2 posts that are good, then 10 that are bad.
-Create a game platform. Put there a lot of games, by categories and let them free, so all people can play. You can create links through games, if you own more websites and drive traffic from one to another, and you can do this with other websites owners that have games.

You can make 100+ different websites, because the content and the information online is incredible. You just have to work hard and start your project. That's the first step, and after this you have to work more, but in the end you will own something great, and you will get rewarded.

Become something, doing it now !

miercuri, 14 august 2013

Get your motivation

Hey guys,

Do you ever feel that you can be better? This is a question that you must all think about and contemplate. It's very important for you to have the chance to know you better. Start doing some exercises, think about what you could do with your life, start to aim at something bigger.

I'm sure you heard that inside voice many times, that voice that encourages you to do something important and at the same time useful, that voice that says: become something.Sometimes you may feel full of courage, incredible inspired almost unstoppable, well that's the thing you must feel everyday. This is the feeling that helps you fight for your future, for you. This is motivation, that has unbeliveble effects on your life, if you can focus it on something productive. But there is the second part, when this so called "voice" goes away, and you remain with nothing, no hope, no power to fight for all the things you would want.

The thing is, that we are all motivated, some of us just fall into the trap and lose their inner voice, their motivation. The first step is to learn to control this. Start watching a great movie, start reading something, watch a seminar or who knows, listen to some nice music, talk to someone who can drive you in this state.
The second step is to focus on productive things, find out what would make you happy, relaxed and start building something based on those things.

I hope you will think at least 5 minutes after reading this post, and find something in it. It doesn't matter what, a little spark in your head. You must realize that great things, are made by people who are motivated, because if you are motivated, you will be able to work more.

Become something, start doing that now !

marți, 13 august 2013

All about meta-tags

Hey guys,

I had just finished my meta tags, it was a little bit tricky but somehow I did it, and I'm glad. I will put here the tricks, tips, and all the needed information, so you can build your meta-tags corectly and to recieve the best rewards for it. Here it goes:

1. The page title:
-The page title is very important for indexing, because a lot of search related content are from the title of the page. The page title meta tag should be something like this:

<meta content=' THE PAGE TITLE ' name='title'/>

-The best thing to do is to make as relevant as possible THE PAGE TITLE with the page content, and one of the most important things is that you must keep it under 70 characters, or else, the robot will not index all the words.

2. Meta description:
-You should know that almost 50% of the people who are giving a click and coming to your web site, are doing this because your meta description. This should be like the slogan of your web site/blog/buisness and it needs to be no more than 160 characters. The meta description tag should be something like this:

 <meta content=' YOUR DESCRIPTION/SLOGAN ' name='description'/>

- You should write this like you were writing a very catchy TWEET but with a little bit more characters.

3. Key word meta:
-The key word meta tag is not that important anymore as I read on different articles I found researching, but, it's still a good stuff to put here I think. Your key word meta tag should not have more than 15 words, the less the better, because you concentrate more power to less words, but this is different from site to site. The key word meta tag should be something like this:

<meta content=' KEY WORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>

Here is the complete meta tag:
<meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='robots'/>
<meta content=' TITLE ' name='title'/>
<meta content=' DESCRIPTION ' name='description'/>
<meta content=' KEYWORDS ' name='keywords'/>
<meta content=' AUTHOR ' name='author'/>
<meta content=' OWNER ' name='owner'/>
<meta content=' COPYRIGHT (c) 2013' name='copyright'/>

I finished this meta tags, and actualy scored preety good on some SEO analyzer websites. I hope you will be able to configure your meta as well as I did.

luni, 12 august 2013

Hosting plans comparison

Hey guys,

I chosed this article, because it's very important to know the market, and to have information to weight your solution. I have chose for the comparison the plans from and I present to you the hosting plans that they ofer to us:

  -Hatchling plan: -disk space(unlimited), bandwidth(unlimited), domains allowed(1), 24/7 support, instant back-up, no contract, 45 day money back, 100$ GoogleAdwords(if spend 25$), addon/parked domains(unlimited), subdomains(unlimited), FTP acounts(unlimited), Wordpress hosting (good for blogs), mySQL databases(unlimited), CGI, PHP5, Ruby on rails, SSH, Perl, Python, SSI, Cron, FrontPage, Curl, GD 2, Image Magick, Streaming Audio/Video, Zen Cart, Cube Cart. [This at 3.96$/month]
-Baby plan: -disck space(unlimited), bandwidth(unlimited), domains allowed(unlimited), 24/7 support, instant back-up, no contract, 45 day money back, 100$ GoogleAdwords(if spend 25$), subdomains(unlimited), FTP acounts(unlimited), Wordpress hosting (good for blogs), mySQL databases(unlimited), CGI, PHP5, Ruby on rails, SSH, Perl, Python, SSI, Cron, FrontPage, Curl, GD 2, Image Magick, Streaming, Private SSL, dedicated IP at 2$/month. [This at 6.36$/month]


  -Soho plan: -ideal for small office or blog, disk space(unlimited), bandwidth(unlimited), disk protection(RAID 10), easy site builder (500+ design templates), email acounts(unlimited), FTP acounts(unlimited), parked domains(unlimited), subdomains(unlimited), mySQL databases(50), PHP5.5, Python 2.4, 75$ GoogleAdwords credit, Free 128bit Shared SSL. [This at 1.95$/month - 50% lifetime now]

  -Business plan: -ideal for buisness, e-commerce, lifetime domain(1), disk space(unlimited), bandwidth(unlimited), disk protection(RAID 10), easy site builder (500+ design templates), free SEO tools, free newsletter/email marketing tools, social bundle free (500$ credits), free search-engine submissions,  email acounts(unlimited), FTP acounts(unlimited), parked domains(unlimited), subdomains(unlimited), mySQL databases(unlimited), PHP5.5, Python 2.4, static ip (1$/month), JSP/Tomcat support, SVN/Subversion,  75$ GoogleAdwords credit, Free 128bit Shared SSL. [This at 2.45$/month - 50% lifetime now]

I think this are the best offers that will do the work for any new beginners. They are pretty good, and the price/month is quite low. The actual domain name, is from 10$ to 15$ mainly, so there's not that much money to spend on it.

I personaly think I'm going to pick the Baby plan, wich is really good, and I have to say that I like hostgator more then mochahost, even by the way they are promoting their stuff. Of course this is just my opinion. And yeah by the way, has invested in wind energy to help offset the servers emissions(nice stuff here).

Become something, start doing it now !

"Prepare" traffic for your project !

Hey guys,

I was thinking, to get a web site to the top, to be full of unique visitors you need to make a very good optimization. Well I'm working on this, based on this blog too. It's easier to start, when you have a good source of traffic, like a blog or a facebook page with fans, that can see your work in progress and hopefully get interested in it.

This is a very important advice: Build a blog, create a facebook page, a twitter account; this are great sources of traffic if you can make them interesting, and eye catching. This is my goal here, I made this blog to gain traffic when I release the web site, besides that I want to tell my story. Actually, trying to prove that it can be done.

After finishing this project, I want to be able to say, that I've accomplished something big, something that makes me proud.

Start doing this guys, build something, on your own, with your hands, using your head. You won't regret it !

Become something, start doing it now !